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Our Professional Services Include:

  • Seismic Interpretation
    Seismic Interpretation is one of our core business areas. We have developed tremendous experience mapping sedimentary basins across the world. The environment we’ve worked on ranges from onshore to ultra deep water.

    We bring our wealth of knowledge in seismic data acquisition and processing as well as regional geological knowledge to bear in seismic interpretation. This helps our client achieve a robust definition of structure and stratigraphy.


  • Geological modelling
    Our approach to building Geological models greatly improves the understanding of your reservoirs. This ultimately helps us maximize your production.


  • Sequence Stratigraphic Studies
    We have skills and experience in Sequence Stratigraphy which help to identify and characterize plays, leads and prospects. In addition, we’re able to develop models which answer geological question that lead to finding oil in non structural traps. Our experience in onshore and offshore makes Layerman your best bet if you’re doing basin analysis for acreage acquisition, licence evaluation or production optimization studies.


  • Well Path Trajectory Planning & Drilling Recommendation
    At Layerman we help our clients to plan and optimize well trajectory while maximizing the reservoir potential.

  • Reservoir Engineering
    Layerman has an integrated multi-disciplinary approach exploited in collating and evaluating the available data and utilizing them for comprehensive reservoir characterization and engineering a

    Building on our established service of seismic interpretation and Petrophysical analysis in combination with our expert knowledge in geological modeling and reservoir characterization, Layerman is capable to integrate all subsurface data into 3D reservoir model.

    Detailed analysis of available data leaves our client with a better understanding of their asset and a more workable field development plan.


  • Consultancy Services

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